After using PancakeApp since version 2.* i really fell in love with the ease of sending invoices and estimates to my clients. This week i upgraded to version 4.1 and been playing with the system. Googled for a dutch localisation, but unfortunalty didn’t find it…

I tried to translate the file as good as possible, so if you find any wrong sentences, please comment it below and i wil change it.

Here’s how to upload the languagefiles in 5 easy steps:

  1. Dowload the file below (look for the right version, I started translating with version 4.1.32)
  2. Unzip the contents to your filesystem
  3. Login with you favorite FTP client (i use FileZilla)
  4. Within the FTP client go to your pancake folder /system/pancake/language/ and drop the folder you unzipped (dutch) next to the english folder.
  5. Now al you have to do is change the settings within Pancake Admin. Go to: dropdown right top sreen and choose “All Settings”. The first option should be set to English. Set it to dutch and save your settings…. nothing happened?! Thats correct… log-out and login again and youll notice everything is dutch!

My latest version:

download pancake 4.8.10 dutch localisation


I have an older/newer version of pancake. Can i use these files even tough im using on older/newer version?

Yes you can! I will do my best to keep up if your using a new version.

I found errors in translation. Can i report them?

Yes please do! In some cases i made an error in translating literally what it said in english or it could be that the translation means something else in dutch. Maybe a missspelling… Please report them in the comments below!